BIPOC Design History is an educational platform, which offers a series of live and previously recorded design history classes, facilitated by Polymode.

BIPOC Design History was founded due to the frustrations and glaring gaps in design representation for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

Our goal is to create a radical educational experience that revisits and rewrites the course of design history in a way that centers previously marginalized designers, cultural figures—and particularly BIPOC and QTPOC people. Through live and pre-recorded lectures, our classes shed light on moments of oppression and visibility.

Our course contributors are scholars of design history, and most also bring lived experiences as BIPOC individuals. Our class participants range from professionals in the design industry, design educators, college students, and those with personal interests. We welcome all to join us!

With an accessible payment structure in mind, free classes and resources, and anti-capitalist compensation for our collective of educators, we are deeply invested in engaging with and creating a new design history.