incomplete latinx stories of diseño grafico

Otros Susurros Desde los Andes



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A typographic-dingbat journey, titled Abya Yala: Visual Chronicles, through the little-known stories of the original cultures that inhabited the Andes. Vanessa Zúñiga develops her design from the semiotic and morphological analysis of the archaeological pieces’ visual signs. Then she translates them into a contemporary graphic universe, where geometry plays a very important role. In English and Español.

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  • Vanessa Zúñiga Tinizaray

    Vanessa Zúñiga Tinizaray known as “Amuki” (inner silence), Vanessa Zúñiga Tinizaray, is an Ecuadorian designer. Her passion has led her to investigate the visual signs of the ancestral cultures of Latin America. In a stage of globalization, her...
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