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Pecha Kucha: Latinx Diaspora in America



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In a Pecha Kucha format we examine four distinct perspectives on design by Latinx designers with roots in Latin America and Los Angeles. The talks include:

Pilar Castillo — Plantation to Paradise, Designing the Caribbean: explores the role of design and advertising in shaping Caribbean identity that exploits a visual narrative of pirate adventure, plantation nostalgia, and tropical romanticism.

Shannon Doronio Chavez — Colonization, Assimilation, and Gentefication: Graphic Design deliverables are artifacts that connect us to our history. The artifacts included in this presentation are related to the “Mexican American” experience, exploring what is lost in colonization, what is learned in assimilation, and what is gained in the creation of a hybrid culture.

Roberto Rodriguez — Maria de Los Angeles: From Typography to Migration explores a brief history of the Virgen de Guadalupe and its significance within the Catholic community both in Mexico and Los Angeles, focusing on typography inspired by the first official Mexican flag.

MJ Balvanera — Mexican Design History: Printing and Protesting explores a collection of artwork made by and for political movements in Mexican history, specifically those originating from the Mexican Revolution and throughout the first half of the 20th century, and the socialist and communist ideals that have always been juxtaposed against capitalist influence.

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  • MJ Balvanera

    MJ Balvanera (she/her) is a Graphic Designer from Mexico City. She likes to think that graphic design can be more than just a series of arbitrary Eurocentric visual standards imposed on us all, but a fun means of individual ...
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  • Pilar Castillo

    Pilar Castillo is a Belizean-born artist and designer based in Los Angeles, California and proudly represents her tropical roots as part of the Caribbean diaspora. She has dedicated twenty-years as an art practitioner and ...
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  • Roberto Rodriguez

    Roberto Rodriguez is an undocumented Mexican immigrant Born and raised in Guadalupe Nuevo Leon Mexico. Currently living in Los Angeles Califas. His Design practice is based around culture, language, communication, and person...
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  • Shannon Doronio (Chavez)

    Shannon Doronio (Chavez) is a Southern California Native, born to a White Mother, and a Mexican Father. Her experience navigating the differences between two family systems and two races has given her a clear view...
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