Walker Art Center and AIGA Minnesota present O.U.R. BIPOC Queer Design with Polymode Studio

O.U.R. (Open Source, Underexposed, Reading) BIPOC Queer Design with Polymode Studio

What does it mean to be known, yet different? To be understood? To be felt? To be remembered? Join bi-coastal, LGBTQ+ and Minority-owned studio Polymode on a journey in workshop form. They will expand upon their own work in poetic research with an invitation to help further develop participants’ and ancestors’ stories. Eschewing a single authoritative voice, this free afternoon workshop welcomes designers to collectively gather O.U.R. BIPOC Queer Design knowing that can grow and evolve with input from multiple voices.

Copresented by the Walker Art Center and AIGA Minnesota.

When: Saturday, April 1, 2023 at 2 pm

This free workshop will be held virtually. RSVP is required!

To register,  please visit the Walker Art Center website.