Juan Pablo Rahal

Juan Pablo Rahal is a graphic designer based in San Francisco, California. Recently, I graduated from the MFA Design program at the California College of the Arts (CCA)—and I’ve been working as a graphic designer for four years across a wide range of projects and forms: from designing books and exhibitions to brand identity systems. I’m very comfortable designing with digital and physical contexts and technologies. I’m looking for new creative projects and teams to join where I may have the opportunity to collaborate and make an impact with design.

I was born in São Paulo, Brazil, where I began my artistic career as an actor at thirteen years old. Moving to Santiago, Chile, I studied theatre and acted there for nine years, performing, as well as producing and directing various live theatre and broadcast projects. As a producer, I developed graphic design and communications work, which in turn inspired me to move to the United States to pursue a Design MFA at California College of the Arts.

Teaching Classes / Workshops