incomplete latinx stories of diseño grafico


On Queerness & Race in Brazilian Art & Design




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Brazil, the largest country in Latin America, is “full of potential and imagination.” It is a land brimming with regional customs and traditions and multiple histories and encounters both clash and coalesce. This pair of lectures dig through layers of histories and representation in shifting how race and queerness are seen and understood. From “A Redenção de Cã” to the Enciclopédia Negra to the cultural figure of Marielle Franco, the myths of a racial democracy are unpacked and decolonized. We also look at the Manifesto Antropófago, the journal O Lampião da Esquina, and contemporary cuir artists who through sheer audacity and creativity have created new languages and ways of telling their stories.

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  • Anna Parisi

    Anna Parisi (b. 1984) an Afro-Brazilian interdisciplinary visual artist, writer, and curator who works primarily with sculpture, performance, and video as mediums. Through her practice, Anna provokes, invokes and evokes cathartic visceral experiences around...
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  • Juan Pablo Rahal

    Juan Pablo Rahal is a graphic designer based in San Francisco, California. Recently, I graduated from the MFA Design program at the California College of the Arts (CCA)—and I’ve been working as a graphic designer for four years across a wide range of pro...
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